Co-founders Karey, Chelsey and Karissa opened their family business of luxury hair care products called PRIME HAIR BRAND in 2018.

Chelsey is a Hair Stylist and salon and spa owner (Passions Beauty Studio), employing 15 team members. Karissa is a Stylist at the salon and has worked as an educator for multiple International hair companies training stylists on the latest fashions, techniques and products. The two sisters combined their experiences  and knowledge and recognized an area in the industry that they felt needed to be fulfilled. Karey, a former Scotiabank Manager, retired after 31 years and joined her two daughters in their venture of creating a premium hair care brand. They worked alongside their colleagues in the salon (Passions Beauty Studio), testing and creating a line of "PRIME" luxury products that perform and make life easier for the stylist and their clients.

Prime Hair Brand is much more than just hair product. "Prime" is defined as:

1) top quality 2) best choice 3) greatness 4) a time of success in a person's life

These definitions define the mission and purpose of the new business. PRIME HAIR BRAND creates top quality, premium hair care products which are sold by educated professional stylists in boutique salons. PRIME provides education, salon business tools and first-hand experiences to help the stylists and salons succeed in all aspects of their career and lead them to greatness.

The family trio intends to introduce their brand into salons across Canada and around the world by providing support to industry professionals which in turn will be passed on to their clients, creating success for all.

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Recycle with PRIME!

Bring in your used PRIME products you will get 10% off your next product and we will recycle the old bottles for you.