Chelsey is the epitome of a natural born leader. Through hard work, perseverance, team building and community support she has transformed her vision of what she would like to see in the beauty industry into reality. Chelsey began her entrepreneurial journey in 2009 at the age of 20, when she started her first business, Passions Beauty Studio, which has evolved into a high-end boutique. With great success and the introduction of her husband into the hair industry she established a barbershop attached to the studio called The Barber Corner in 2017.  Most recently she created, developed and is co-owner of her own hair brand, Prime Hair Brand, a luxury hair care line, which she is actively marketing and distributing in salons across Canada. The passion and determination that has ignited Chelsey’s entrepreneurial success story, is as strong today as it was less than 10 years ago when this all started, believing strongly in the motto “If you choose a career that you are passionate about, you won’t have to work a day in your life.”

Early in her career Chelsey began working at a hair salon that unfortunately was not profiting enough to continue business and an opportunity arose for her to take over their lease and start her own salon. As a natural born leader Chelsey always believed she would be a business owner one day. At the young age of 20 she took a chance and seized this opportunity, and the locally owned business, Passions Beauty Studio was born. Chelsey realized she could not just create a hair salon; she needed to build a culture, family, and something the market has never experienced before. The Passions Team refers to themselves as a family, the studio has become their second home, a place where they can create and maintain a successful career in an industry they are so passionate about. At Passions we hire for personality and attitude, skill is important, but we definitely need to ensure they understand what we are as a team and aspire to be for our clients. This allows us to take on staff that fits our culture and we’ll provide the training and education for them to thrive. We build confident skilled employees, we invest and care for them and with that we have created a tone of community.  This means our staff treat each other with respect, care and attention that they would afford to our clients. We exist in an industry where we make people look good externally, which makes them feel good internally, and if we want our staff to take care of our clients, we need to take great care of our team. With rapid growth and success, Passions was reaching long-term goals in less than two years. The company’s main objectives that have defined Chelsey’s success as a young entrepreneur involve marketing strategies, community involvement, profitability/retail, mentorship, and education.

Passions Beauty Studio started in 2009 as a 700 square foot studio in a leased space. In over one year in business Chelsey saw an opportunity to grow and expand her business by purchasing the building next door to the studio and renovated the space to create a high-end boutique salon and spa. After multiple renovations and an addition, the studio has grown to 3000 square feet which includes a newly added beverage and IPAD bar. Upon the inception of the business, Warman was one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. Recognising this growth in her community and in her business. Chelsey knew there was no better time for the expansion and the decision has paid off.

As Passions continued to excel, Chelsey and her husband, Cory Harder, generated the idea for another business. Having a Management degree from the Edwards School of Business, Cory was also very intrigued by the hair industry, and thus the new career path was ventured. During Chelsey's second maternity leave Cory enrolled in hair school at MC College. This is when Chelsey created the idea of an inner-business called The Barber Corner. The Barber Corner was established in August of 2017 and created a new target market for the studio which resulted in an expansion in services, and products for men. To begin, Chelsey and Cory designed a separate area within the studio that has two barber chairs. This allows for an almost separate atmosphere where men can have their own space. A new logo was created and placed at the front of the building beside the Passions logo.The barbers were trained by internationally recognized barbers both in class and private sessions in the studio. These sessions involved training for specialized services and products allowing staff to provide clients with top-of-the line men’s grooming.

Chelsey and her team at Passions and The Barber Corner, were recognized by some of the best hair brands for top sales in Canada, and it was at this moment that Chelsey saw the opportunity create a product that she believed in. After a year of research, product testing, and business planning, Chelsey and her PRIME co-owners created, developed and designed Prime Hair Brand, a luxury hair care line. Currently, marketing the product to be distributed to salons across Canada. She took on two investors, and kept it in the family. Karissa Moore, a master hairstylist and international salon educator, and her mother, Karey Bloodworth, a retired bank manager of 31 years.  The family trio with their own individual professional strength have a lot to add and is a perfect balance for this new business.

Passions Beauty Studio and The Barber Corner have shown great signs of strength thanks to the hard working dedication of young entrepreneur and owner Chelsey. Chelsey has always been inspired by the world around her and continues to make the best of any situation. She strongly believes in the education process and team building. She’s a trailblazer and she expects nothing less from her team and a key to their success is to ensure that they are up to date on all their training. This training includes staying on top of the latest trends involving both cutting and colour, makeup, and product knowledge for both hair and skin care.

Chelsey has managed to create a unique atmosphere within her business. She has managed and created the business to be a collaborative, motivating and rewarding environment.

When you walk into the studio you are getting an experience like none other. Their newest renovation created specialty spaces such as the beverage bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), an iPad bar, lather stations, and a lounge to process colors in. The ambiance of the salon and spa portrays high quality yet relaxing and modern; from the light fixtures to the staff style, product on the shelves to the music throughout the studio. The vibe in the studio allows guests to feel the energy and excellent service that awaits them.

Not only is Chelsey a three-time business owner but during that time she got married and had two children.  This has created its challenges in how she runs her business, but she is determined to nurture both sides of the demands of a rapidly growing business, while carving quality family time. She overcomes these obstacles with exemplary time-management skills, all while mentoring her team at the salon to be empowered to make business decisions that grow the business and take care of their clients. Inspired by expert industry professionals and local business owners, Chelsey incorporated new ideas and visions into her business. As she learns more each year, she enjoys mentoring others around her and throughout the community. Chelsey has extensive international training in salon, spa and business management, hair, skin care and esthetics, coaching and mentorship. Her businesses have received the distinction of being awarded many local and national awards.  To be recognised as 1 of 5 finalists for a provincial ABEX award in the category of Young Entrepreneur in this province has validated the years of hard work and dedication that she has given in her industry and community.

Chelsey says The support from so many over the last 9 years is truly heartwarming and I know that this would not have been possible without them all, my heart is full .